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NOTICE: Possible Scam/Crime Alert in Ocean Park

A very important notice from our friends and neighbors over in Baylake Pines via e-mail to OPCL:

“We wanted to alert everyone to the fact that a man is making rounds in this neighborhood, seeking handy-man work. Terry Reginald Foreman is a convicted criminal who targeted several of our seniors a few years ago. You may go the the link below to read about one of the charges that was brought up against Mr. Foreman. Though there was DNA evidence, the case never went to trial so he was never convicted of this crime. This article does mention other past convictions and there is a photo of him.

Mr. Foreman is an African-American male, late 40’s to early 50’s. He is giving out business cards with his name and phone number (757) 773-8082 and address as 411 W. Little Creek Road, Norfolk. He recently knocked on the doors of several of our neighbors who reported him as a “nice man.” He drives a light colored pickup, with ladders and other tools on the back. He says that he is licensed and bonded, but he has not provided any paperwork to that effect.

During his conversations, he has mentioned several neighbors for whom he worked in the past. All are no longer in the neighborhood or they have passed on. The phone numbers he gave as references have been to discontinued numbers.

He had one of our elderly neighbors, Miriam Anderson, write several checks (totaling about $1500) for the same work (putting in a concrete anchor for a hand railing) about 5 or 6 years ago. He (with a friend) even took her to the bank to cash a check for several thousand dollars for future work. When Miriam showed signs of confusion in the bank, the bank called her daughter. By the time the daughter reached the bank, Mr. Foreman and his friend had disappeared. Several of her checks were missing and there were signs that her home had been searched, but Miriam did not remember so there was not anything her daughter could do.

The feeling is that Mr. Foreman is targeting women, especially older women, for possible crimes by using the ruse of a handyman.

PLEASE, if Mr. Foreman comes to your home, do NOT let him in. Call the non-emergency phone number and file a report so the police can stay on top of this: (757) 385- 5000. You certainly have the right to hire him, but be aware of his history.

Since not all neighbors have email, PLEASE help us spread the word. If you have questions, please email us and we will respond.

NOTE: We did discuss this with the Third Precinct, Officer Ardella, who indicated that we should spread the word with as much detail as possible.”

Lynnhaven River Now Fall Fest 2012

Lynnhaven River Now is hosting its Fall Fest 2012 on Saturday, October 13, 2012 from 11 AM – 4 PM.  Make a point to attend.  It’s fun for the whole family.  Activities from kayak tours to a fresh farmers and seafood markets.  Lots of fun.  For full details, visit or click here to view their official flyer.


Save the Crab Creek Boat Ramp

From our friends at OPCL:

“We’re at it again, trying to keep the boat ramp from turning into an unsafe, full time industrial site.  Please take a couple seconds and ‘sign’ this petition in support.

‘Save the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp and Beach Facility / Say NO to the City of Virginia Beach plan to put a Dredge Materials Transfer Station here.’

I really think this is an important cause, and I’d like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It’s free and takes just a few seconds of your time.


Mike Wills”

OPCL Special Meeting Notice – Fireworks Update

March 29, 2012

7:30 p.m.

Ocean Park Rescue Squad Building


From Martin Thomas, President of the OPCL:

Dear Members:  As you know, at the last membership meeting the membership authorized me, as president of OPCL to enter into a contract for a fireworks show for approximately $10,000-11,000 and to spend any money raised for fireworks for the show.  Building on the groundwork previously done by Rick and Jill, Jill Doczi has negotiated a deal with the two other civic leagues and the vendor whereby a barge show would be put on with the three groups paying for it together.  The proposed contract is for $36,000.00 with OPCL being responsible for $15,250.00 of that total amount.  We need to make a $8,000 deposit now and $5,250 for the barge on June 1.  The balance of $2,000 would be due on July 5.  OPCL would be an additional insured on the vendor’s insurance for the show.  At the meeting there was a great deal of sentiment to do the barge show as Rick suggested but with the OPCL being in control of its own funds and being insured.  It seems that this is the best of both ideas. The executive committee  has authorized the calling of a special meeting of the membership for the purpose of voting on this contract.   A copy of the proposed contract is attached. As a reminder, while this is an open Civic League meeting, you must be a paid member of the OPCL to participate in this vote. Membership will be checked prior to the vote.

And this from Jill Doczi, Chair of the Fireworks Committee:

I would like to add, just so it is clear, that we’ve done a great deal of work behind the scenes since the OPCL meeting and one of the projects involved Martin and I accompanying the vendor on a measuring tour of the entire beach. One reason for the switch to a barge show was the fact that, at this moment, there is very little chance of fireworks on the beach.

The best scenario gave us about 10 feet of safe room from homeowners’ back doors. Even if the homeowners all agree to this added liabilty on their property, that doesn’t mean that we would have the room during the summer. One good storm and the permit would be invalid and we would have no hope for a show at all. Once you put in the permit, you cannot change it and the deadline is too early in the spring to tell what the summer beach would look like. I’m not sure what would happen to the deposit in that case, because we didn’t entertain the thought, but I’m pretty sure it would be lost. I didn’t feel comfortable with that idea.

The barge show was a guarantee, even with a hurricane, we have three days of wiggle room in this contract. In order to offset the cost, the other civic leagues had to be brought in, even though the show would be offOceanParkbeach. The other civic leagues have assured me that they plan on donating above their amounts to match our funds. Unfortunately, for the puspose of signing the contract (which must be done now or the fireworks cannot be ordered) we are in the best financial situation because we have done this before. The other leagues are doing a tremendous job though and I’m now feeling the pressure to start fundraising early to keep up!ChesapeakeBeachhas surpassed us and will be donating the same amount that OPCL will to the deposit.

By the way, I hope you take the time to dig around for extra money to bring to the Crawl Out for Fireworks Donations!

Sent by Terry Gearhart


Fireworks Fundraiser

From our friends in Baylake Pines:

“Exciting News! Baylake Pines has coordinated with our wonderful neighbors at Taste Unlimited to raise some money for the OPCL 4th of July Fireworks! Join the fun – and don’t forget to download the attached flyer (and make copies for your neighbors) and take it with you. This is a great opportunity to raise some funds for our fireworks show…and enjoy some delicious food and drink at the same time!

Baylake Pines is having a fund raiser at Taste Unlimited on

*** SUNDAY *** FEBRUARY 26 *** 11:00 AM-til-5:00PM ***

Present the attached a flyer (SEE LINK BELOW) upon purchase and 10% of the pre-tax bill will be donated to the Fireworks Fund.

See you Sunday!

Your friends at Baylake Pines”

Taste Unlimited Fireworks Fundraiser Flyer

Annual Meeting Reminder

Just a reminder that the annual meeting of the Three Ships Landing Condominium Association is Monday, December 5, 2011, 7:00 PM at the Bayside Recreation Center.  In addition to conducting routine business of the Association, the election for the 2011 – 2012 Board of Directors will be held.  We hope to see as many members as possible at the meeting.

We would like to remind you to please submit your proxy whether you plan on attending the meeting or not.  In the event you do attend, your submitted proxy will become null and void; but should something come up making it impossible for you to attend, you can rest assured your voice will be heard and your votes will be counted.  You can submit your proxy to property management, a current board member or a fellow neighbor you know will be in attendance.  Please be sure to fill out your proxy thoroughly to insure it is valid and counted.

As of now, the current members have submitted their candidacy for consideration:

– Dave Schaum
– Michael Lawrence
– Tim Sidow
– Matt Richmond

New candidates:
– KB Gardner
– Pat Mirani
– Ronda Morrsion

Nominations can be made from the floor at the time of the election and we hope to see as many members as possible step forward to offer their candidacy for consideration.  The more the merrier.  We need your support!

Looking forward to seeing everybody at the meeting Monday night.

PS – Monday night’s meeting will be the ideal time to have everybody together to also discuss plans for another great Holiday party.

Board Meeting Venue Change

This Monday night’s (October 24, 2011) board meeting will be held at the office of Atlantic Community Management (ACM), and not Guadalajara’s.  Unfortunately, Guadalajara does not feel as if we bring enough business to the table (pun not intended) to merit our use of their venue for our meetings.  Therefore, we have opted for the no-cost option of ACM’s office.  The time of the meeting is the same and the community calendar has been updated to reflect this change.  Hope to see you Monday night.

Pleasure House Point Update

In case you missed it:

“City Receives $500,000 for Pleasure House Point Land Acquisition”

Lynnhaven River Now Newsletter – September 2011

Available online by clicking here => Monthly Newsletter

Sprinkler Mystery Solved?

Below is an excerpt from and e-mail from Matt Richmond, Director and Landscaping Committee Chairman, and Kathy Girdler with All Things Green.  I think this might finally solve the ongoing summer mystery surrounding our sprinklers.

“Eureka! I was still getting complaints from some of the Tideway residents so in my frustrations I went to the control box at the common area in Tideway Ct. and opened it up. I began to run each zone in sequence and once I got to zone 9 (which is the tideway common area) the large sprinklers came on. At first I was no drama until the system shut off about 10seconds into it. I looked at the display and it blinked “rain sens”. So if flipped the switch to bypass it. When they came back on I noticed that the sprinklers were srpaying directly into the rain sensor which causes it to trigger. Tideway sprinklers are on zones 15-19, so if the sensor triggers the rest of the zones (6-24) will not function on that cycle. So the position of the sensor is self defeating. So it retrospect when it was super dry zones 1-4 would run a full cycle but when 5 ran for about 10 seconds the stream from the head would rotate and fill the sensor. Can you have Jeremy come out and find a better position for the sensor?  I still have the rain sensor switch on bypass so once he finds a better spot for the sensor can you have him switch it back?”

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