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Sprinkler Mystery Solved?

by on September 11, 2011

Below is an excerpt from and e-mail from Matt Richmond, Director and Landscaping Committee Chairman, and Kathy Girdler with All Things Green.  I think this might finally solve the ongoing summer mystery surrounding our sprinklers.

“Eureka! I was still getting complaints from some of the Tideway residents so in my frustrations I went to the control box at the common area in Tideway Ct. and opened it up. I began to run each zone in sequence and once I got to zone 9 (which is the tideway common area) the large sprinklers came on. At first I was no drama until the system shut off about 10seconds into it. I looked at the display and it blinked “rain sens”. So if flipped the switch to bypass it. When they came back on I noticed that the sprinklers were srpaying directly into the rain sensor which causes it to trigger. Tideway sprinklers are on zones 15-19, so if the sensor triggers the rest of the zones (6-24) will not function on that cycle. So the position of the sensor is self defeating. So it retrospect when it was super dry zones 1-4 would run a full cycle but when 5 ran for about 10 seconds the stream from the head would rotate and fill the sensor. Can you have Jeremy come out and find a better position for the sensor?  I still have the rain sensor switch on bypass so once he finds a better spot for the sensor can you have him switch it back?”

One Comment
  1. Pat Mirani permalink

    Matt is to be commended on his diligence in this matter. He has communicated with me on a regular basis and put a good deal of time into it. Thanks Matt! My sprinklers (finally) came on yesterday morning. Yay!

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