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Safety Updates

by on August 17, 2011

From the OPCL about recent theft and break-ins in our local area. Please take precautions and report suspicious activity and all such incidents.

“I received a call yesterday from one of our Ocean Park residents who lives on Jefferson Blvd., informing me of a series of breakins that have occurred over the last few weeks in our area. Most involved unlocked cars and the theft of items like GPS systems. But in an incident in Ocean Park, and another I heard about in a neighborhood off Diamond Springs Road, the perps went into either an unlocked door to the home, or when into unlocked cars and used the garage door opener to access the home (homes which were occupied at the times of the thefts!) and steal PC’s and other items of value. Quite possibly the incidents in these two neighborhoods are related as the MO and timeframes are very similar. And the items taken are not random but seem very specific and follow a narrow pattern.

All that said, some words to the wise:

• Lock your cars at all times!
• Lock your home at all times!
• Consider removing your garage door opener from your vehicle and carry it in a purse or elsewhere;
• And if you experience a theft, please report it to the police, no matter how small. It is not your fault if you fail to lock your car and someone breaks in. It’s the thief’s doing and it needs to be reported;
• Stay safe, follow your instincts and look out for your neighbors and their property.
Terry Gearhart

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