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Community Updates

by on July 23, 2011

In light of there not being a July board meeting, on behalf of the Board of Directors, we wanted to just put out a couple of updates, news bulletins, etc. to keep everybody up to speed on what’s been happening around our community this past month.  As always, in the event there is a pressing concern you need addressed immediately, please see one of the board members or contact our property manager.

Until August’s meeting, keep cool and enjoy your summer!  Now for updates:

If you haven’t already observed, 2 new speed bumps have been installed just past the brick-stamped concrete at the front entrance of the neighborhood.  For years now this has been a source of concern for those of us living on the west end of the neighborhood.  Years back, the existing speed bumps were installed to slow traffic throughout the neighborhood.  Though initially met by some with some consternation, they quickly were determined to be highly effective at addressing safety concerns of speeding throughout the neighborhood.  Unfortunately, the behavior that hadn’t been curbed was excessive speeding from the last speed bump to the front entrance while exiting the neighborhood, as well as “gunning-it” speeds from the front entrance to the first speed bump while entering the neighborhood.  The newly installed speed bumps were designed to alleviate this safety concern.

For everybody, please, please, please be conscientious of your speeds while driving through the neighborhood.  Though we are a residential community, the speed limit is 15 mph, not the standard 25 mph.  From general pedestrian traffic to kids playing throughout the neighborhood, with such tight and narrow streets, please exercise caution while driving through the neighborhood.

Board member and Landscaping Committee Chairman, Matt Richmond, has been hard at work these past few months on improvements to our neighborhood’s landscaping.

Matt worked with All Things Green (our irrigation vendor) to get all of the sprinkler heads throughout the neighborhood realigned so that they are properly watering their intended areas effectively, performed all repairs to damaged sprinkler heads, capped 27 sprinkler heads in common areas only that were watering areas such as rock beds that needed no water and most importantly, had 2 moisture sensors installed on our irrigation system’s control boxes.

Per Matt, “The normal watering cycle begins at 2:00 AM on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, unless we get enough rain to trigger the moisture sensors…which the cycle will be interrupted until the sensors allows the regular weekly cycle to continue.”

With both the moisture sensors installed and the unnecessary sprinkler heads capped, we should see an approximate savings of 25% – 30% in our irrigation costs.  That’s nice savings!

New Perimeter Plants:
The new perimeter plants are all installed on the west end of the neighborhood facing Shore Drive and growth is on the way.  The plants installed were Variegated, Chesapeake Upright, Chindo and Morning Light.  Some of these plants can grow to as tall as 20 – 25 feet, which will significantly increase privacy and shelter road noise from Shore Drive, all while creating a beautifully aesthetic border around our community’s perimeter that won’t encroach on the sidewalk and roadway along Shore Drive.  Hopefully in time as funds permit we can continue to expand this project around the entire perimeter of the community, giving us a consistent flow, look and theme we are striving to attain.

Tree Ring Reductions:
Reynold’s Landscaping (our landscaping vendor) graciously gave us sod (NO COST) that they installed (NO COST) around 17 trees throughout the community that had tree rings that had grown in size too excessively.  Not only did they save us a pretty penny on sod and installation, but equally we’ll benefit from a reduced cost in the required amount of mulch to be purchased to cover the all the beds throughout entire community.  A special thanks goes out to Reynold’s Landscaping for their gracious offering.

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