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Sprinkler / Irrigation System Update

by on June 8, 2011

In case you missed it, this was posted on Facebook by Landscape Chairman, Matt Richmond, regarding the community sprinkler system:

“FYI… I have been notified by a few community members that the sprinkler systems are not working in some of the zones within the community. All things green has been notified and they will be out here to fix the system on the 16th of June. I would advise those who’s sprinklers are not working to water your lawn/landscaping until the irrigation system is fixed next week.”


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  1. Deb permalink

    My sprinklers at 2217 Tideway Ct. still don’t work. Can they come back and fix them?

  2. Deb – I forwarded your comment on to the powers that be.

    Is there anybody else in Tideway Court having similar problems. I have heard some grumblings as of late but don’t know of anything definitively. Let me or somebody else on the board know if you are having problems with your sprinklers.


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