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Landscaping Committee Announcement

by on May 5, 2011

Per Matt Richmond, Landscaping Committee Chairman:

“Fellow Community members. I wanted to pass a quick word about some of the ongoing landscaping efforts. A couple of weeks ago we had Reynolds Landscpaping re-mulch. If you take notice some of the tree rings were not mulched. We are going to reduce the size of most of the stand alonde rings to about 1 foot in diameter in an effort to keep the rings to an effective size while reducing our mulching expenses. They also have removed half of the old hedging that was causing issue with the city along shore drive. We will be replanting a much more effective hedge around the perimeter that will not only get to about 20-25 feet tall and will have very thick foliage to help reduce some of the noise from shore drive for the entire community. Additionally I will be walking around this weekend placing white flags next to some of the sprinklers that are not really needed but this will not include any heads in your back yards. We also will be installing moisture sensors within the communities irrigation system that should reduce our city water needs/costs by 25-30%, If anyone has any ideas or needs WRT landscaping or irrigation please feel free to hit me up.”


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