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Perimeter Bushes Missing?

by on April 27, 2011

There have been a number of questions and concerns (and for good reasons) brought forth regarding the sudden removal of the bushes along the west end perimeter of our community facing Shore Drive.  First off, on behalf of the Board, let me extend an apology to all members for the lack of communications you received from us regarding this matter.  Second, let me explain why.

The obvious first: breakdowns in communications often happen for one reason or another and Three Ships Landing (TSL) is no exception.  Hence, the necessity that we now take full advantage of our new online communities here on WordPress and the like to better facilitate communications amongst us all.  Prior to the launch of these portals today, we as a community have always lacked the “true” means and tools necessary to so effectively communicate amongst our membership in such an expedient and impactful manner.  Because of such tools, there is now absolutely no reason whatsoever that you as a member should ever not know what is going on with the doings of TSL; and as board members, we will make every effort on our part through this medium to ensure you are always kept “in the know.”

Now regarding the removal of the bushes so suddenly, this was a result of pressure from the City to do something immediately about the bushes, not only because of their past issues, but because of their current and continual obstructing nature to the sidewalk and views along Shore Drive.  Though, as you look around the perimeter of the community now, take note of the olive bushes (don’t know their official plant name) and the damage they sustained from this past winter’s snowfalls.  They are almost all now leaning over tremendously.  In particular where they were just removed, they were leaning over so far that they completely obstructed the sidewalk and were leaning into Shore Drive.

Reynolds Landscaping gave us a bid of $500.00 to remove the bushes, which seemed somewhat high for as few as there were.  As we negotiated with them, we spoke further about Reynolds’ ongoing need to always prune back the bushes (not just the olive bushes) significantly throughout the year in that whole area just to keep the City appeased, resulting in additional, ongoing pruning costs to TSL.  Reynolds recommended the removal of all of the bushes in that area so to put an end to the battle with the bushes and the City once and for all.  They agreed to remove them all (3 to 4 times more bushes/work) for only double the cost: $1,000.00.  It was a heck of deal being offered and we took it.  We wanted the City off our backs and didn’t want to see TSL absorb any sort of liability in the event somebody got hurt in some sort of accident right outside TSL, and the victim blame the bushes’ obstruction as the cause of the accident.

So, moving forward we have received 2 bids from 2 landscapers thus far for replacements to be installed, and we are still waiting on 1 other bid before we start comparing which is best.  Perhaps in time as funds permit this could motivate us to look at what’s involved to get a whole new look around the perimeter of our community that will guarantee much better curb appeal and increased value in our properties.  Time will tell.

In the meantime, At Large board member and chairman of the Landscaping Committee, Matt Richmond, is the point of contact for this initiative, and I know he is looking for additional help and feedback from fellow members to lend him a hand.  If interested, please reach out to Matt and let him know of your interest.  He has plenty of work for you.  🙂

We hope this better explains the circumstances surrounding this matter, and should you have any questions or comments, feel free to post here on our blog or get in touch with one of us board members.  We’re always willing to chat.

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